Two different ways to do a Winnipeg Pub Crawl

This will be my last post for a while, so why not go out with a bang?

*cues up Beyonce’s Formation video*

Me and my best friend planned our own pub crawl last summer and it was unreal. If anything, you can light up your Snapchat for a night and have your friends asking “how many places is this person going to in one night?” The answer is lots.

These are best saved for a hot summer night. And if anyone complains about their feet hurting from all the walking, you get to punch them.

Here are two different pub crawls to match the vibes of your evening. Bus or cab to your first destination to avoid drinking + driving, and DON’T FORGET TO DRINK SOME DAMN WATER. Stay with your partner in crime and you should be good to go.


Get some joggers on, cue up some rap and put on your Converse because this one is the longest one. Plus…your going to be drinking back alley beers. Hahahah.

Stop #1 Toad in the Hole Pub — 112 Osborne St.

Have a beer out on their patio and have a conversation over the sound of traffic, or play a game of pool inside. Your just getting warmed up.

Stop #2 That sketchy beer vendor in the parking lot behind The Osborne Village Inn

Buy a king can and go for a walk through the back alleys of Osborne Village. There’s some great graffiti there to take photos of, plus then you don’t have to worry about publicly enjoying your beer. Make your way down to the Assiniboine River and finish your beer sitting on the bank across from the leg. Great view.

IMG_1690 (1).jpg
That’s a Shock Top in my hand. Also this was from when my hair was blue.

Stretch your legs, because you’re about to walk for about 20 minutes.

Stop #3 Shannon’s Irish Pub — 175 Carlton St.

Yup. You probably need to go to the bathroom by now, and need to rehydrate.

Because your about to walk for another 20 minutes.

Stop #4 Smoke’s Poutinere — 131 Albert St.

Yaaaaaas. Crush a “wow” sized poutine made for a small family to absorb all that beer.

Walk across the street.

Stop #5 King’s Head Pub — 120 King St.

You made it to the end, and at one of the most classic pub hangouts in Winnipeg. Do a Jager bomb and dance to the cover band.


Wear comfortable shoes and nice-ish clothes, maybe even one of those really trendy hats that makes you look like you know how to dress yourself — oh, and bring a little more cash for this one. This time your gonna be in the Exchange District.

Stop #1 Fourth — 171 McDermot Ave.

Apparently they have a cocktail bar now! Sounds trendy. Wear that hat and go be hipster AF.

Then walk three minutes to somewhere thats….less hipster.

Stop #2 Fox & Fiddle — 456 Main St.

They have surprisingly cheap drinks + sangria. There aren’t a whole lot of patios in The Exchange District, so if you want to sit on a patio, this is pretty much your opportunity.

Stop #3 The List — 216 McDermot Ave.

I’ve never been here, but I’m assuming based on what I’ve seen that this would fit the vibe of the evening? No need to linger here. Depending on what time of day you wind up here, it’s going to be more of a club vibe, so play it by ear.

Stop #4 Bodegoes OR Peasant Cookery

You might be thinking….WTF. But depending on if it’s buck-a-shuck at Peasant Cookery, you could really go either way. The Peasant Cookery lounge is actually really nice! And their charcuterie board is pretty damn good.

Or you could be a greasy human being and get a takeout box of Pad Thai and eat it on the curb. Your call.

Stop #5 Albert Street Cocktail Company — 91 Albert St.

They probably have a drink with dragon tears in it.


But yeah, ask your bartender to surprise you. TRUST.


Stop #6 441 Main

You’re probably all fired up at this point, and the Pal hasn’t opened where Whiskey Dix used to be yet, so yeah. Go tear it up.

I have tons of these pub crawls all planned out in my head, so leave me a comment letting me know if you wanna read more of these.

Ciao for now. Drink responsibly you hooligans.





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