A bunch of dumb sh*t I’ve bought and other seemingly silly things I plan on splurging on

First, I’ll share a small selection of the dumb shit I’ve spent money on. Then I’ll cover future purchases (sorry mom, sorry VISA).


Bras and fancy matching underwear

I used to work at La Senza, and like any loyal retail worker, I spent a ton of my hard earned cash there. Let’s just say there was a point I owned 40 bras and 200 pairs of underwear. I AM ONE HUMAN WITH TWO BOOBS — WTF?

An oyster dinner in Halifax

When I was in Halifax travelling alone, I walked into The Press Gang and spent $80 on oysters and washed it down with a $20 glass of wine. Then went to The Stubborn Goat and got a pizza because I was still hungry. Travelling alone I TELL YA.

Coffee or energy drinks every single day of college, plus the Kings Head Pub

I must’ve been deranged from all the money I was spending and all the caffeine I was consuming. Not to mention I think I ate about 100 (or more) meals worth of chicken fingers and curry fries from the King’s Head Pub. Let’s not even count the beers.

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A really expensive (and very tiny) painting

I’ll put it this way: I was hungover, walking around Kenora and I saw it and bought it on the spot. It is literally 14 inches long and 10 inches high, and cost welllllll over $300 dollars. If you’ve ever been to my house, I guarantee you didn’t notice it (upside down smiley face emoji).

Last minute plane tickets

You might be thinking, “but Raegan, you didn’t leave Canada on that plane, there’s no way you spent that much money?” Well, if you book enough last-minute trips you’d know plane ticket prices go way up less than two weeks before the flight. I haven’t done the classic twenty-something trip to Europe, but I have traveled the hell out of Canada.

A Marshall’s homeware shopping spree

I was having a really rough week, so instead of crying I bought champagne glasses, pillows, throws, candles, random shit for my kitchen….the list goes on. None of it really serves any functional purpose in my day to day life. Other than Earl the Squirrel. He’s cool in my books.

IMG_0399.jpg$40 face wash and $50 shampoo that smell like plants

Don’t get me wrong, I love Origins and Aveda products. However, face wash and shampoo are essentially dish detergent for your face and head. Not worth the $$$$$. Opt for expensive conditioner and moisturizer instead. Just my two cents.

Fancy, gluten-free, organic food

Going down the green aisle can be the difference between spending $125 and $300 on groceries. Keep in mind – I live alone. I am not a Hoover Vacuum. That is too much food. Period.

Hundreds of dollars at Shoppers Drug Mart

Between the food side and side with a bunch of hair/makeup/skincare products I don’t need, this place has always been a mecca of overspending for me. It’s not hard to blow $100 when you need to remove a bunch of hair from various parts of your body, take care of the hair on your head, keep your skin from scaling, eat some ice cream, remove that same scaling/dead skin, moisturize that skin and buy a bunch of makeup to cover that skin. It’s dumb. Just drink more water.

A unicorn onesie

I don’t know why this is worth $50. I got sweaty from dancing too hard in it and the fabric started pilling and sticking to my sweat. Guaranteed I’m going to be a unicorn for the next four Halloweens straight.

Too many Bath and Body Works Candles

I see you shaking your head, but hey, at least my apartment will smell like some sort of pie for the foreseeable future.


Great question, internet stranger! I’ve got some big plans for the next few months.

A bunch of booze to fill up my purely decorative bar cart

I pretty much stick to wine and beer, but I have a pretty vintage bar cart in my apartment that is completely bare. Plus I’ve pinned at least 25 pictures of styled bar carts to my Pinterest board, so that’s just foreshadowing the inevitable.

Like this!!! Via Real Simple.

Tandem Skydiving 


A facial at a boutique spa plus a three night stay at a hotel

As someone who always books Airbnb’s, and generally doesn’t believe that getting my pores sucked dry is a good use of my time, this is unheard of.

This was a gift to myself that I booked after getting drunk off one glass of wine. Eat before you book a vacation and drink friends.

Disclaimer: I took an awesome nap after this. No regrets.

A snowsuit and warm boots

I don’t own a car, and I wore a fall jacket all last winter walking to and from my office job. Why I’ve cheaped out on winter clothes up until this point is a goddam mystery to me.

A fake Christmas tree

I am a Christmas elf with no closet space to store this.

A hair intervention from my favourite *`~exPeNSive~* salon and stylist

If I’m gonna screw around with my hair, I may as well go to a stylist I trust. It’s not a quarter life crisis until you consider getting bangs or dying your hair black!!!!!

When I’m not going to hair school where the students practice on my head, I go to see Eryn Allard at Salon Pop. I met her when she experimented with dying my hair peach pink when she was still at the Aveda Institue — I think it turned out great!

A tattoo (probably)


What is the “dumbest” thing you’ve ever spent money on that made/makes you really happy? Leave me a comment, or tweet me (@raegjules).


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