About the Blog

Raegjules.com is dedicated to sharing my broke, sad, hilarious, and *sometimes* smart reflections, experiences, recommendations, and ideas with you, with the hopes that it helps you live a more awesome perspective on life (esp. relevant if you live in Winnipeg).

Just like any millennial, I like sharing myself with the world and I won’t apologize for my thoughts and opinions. If one person reads this blog and gets something from it, then great. If not, then I’m just documenting my thoughts in a coherent way that will help someone write my eulogy one day.

Note: there will be Beyonce and ice cream at my funeral.

About the Blogger

Raegan Hedley Portraits36
Photo Credit: Andy Tymchyshyn

My name is Raegan Hedley, and I’m here to share my brain with you (here’s hoping it doesn’t weird you out too much).

I graduated with a degree in Creative Communications in 2016 and I’m very fortunate to have a career I love in the realm of PR.

I enjoy watching Sofia Coppola movies, rapping badly, scrolling through Pinterest, going to art shows, drinking wine, flipping through magazines, eating oysters, listening to Amy Winehouse and watching way too many YouTube videos and VICE documentaries.






Email โ€” raeganhedley@gmail.com

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