Your YWG weekend sweat trip itinerary (for travellers and locals)

Whether you live in Winnipeg and need a weekend of self-care and rejuvenation (a retreat of sorts), or you are coming here as a visitor, packing this much movement into one weekend is guaranteed to make you feel great. Just…be sure to take a few rest days after.

I’ve plotted out two itineraries that go at different speeds, and they can be mixed and matched to fit your needs. Both start on Friday at 5:00 pm. I’ve also priced it all out for those who are trying to go for the budget-friendly options. Enjoy!


Friday Night

Great for beginners. No super complex poses. Great to get rid of the stress of the day and work out tight muscles.

Cost: $5, but you have to pre-register on the website!

  • Get some tea and split a slice of cake with a friend after at Baked Expectations
  • Go to bed early and get a good sleep
Saturday Day

Don’t make the same mistake I made and chug an entire coffee right before you go work out cause that’s just not gonna feel very good.

Cost for one: $10-15

  • 9:30-10:20am Rhythm and Resistance class @ WPG Cycle

As someone who has never had a membership to a fancy gym, this facility is ridiculously nice. Any timeslot, any teacher, you really can’t go wrong. If you aren’t into getting up this early, there’s also another class at 10:45am.

Cost: $20 to drop in.

They don’t take reso’s so you might be waiting a while, but there are tons of cute shops and boutiques in the Exchange District to check out while you wait.

Highly recommend checking out the new Sacred Tusk Athletics showroom at 2A-91 Albert Street (open 11am-4pm on Saturday only) in case you need some cute new leggings.

If the line is out the door, you can always bail and check out the situation at Miss Browns.

Cost for one: probably between $30 and $45 w/ tip

After the AM cycle class, some low impact exercise is a good thing. Keeps the lactic acid from building up. Plus, being outside is amazing for your soul.

Cost: $3 for the rental

Saturday night
  • Rest n’ relax + dinner @ Thermea

Every time I go here I sleep like a baby after. So good for zee muscles!

Cost for spa: $55 plus $12 if you rent a bathrobe

Cost for dinner: between $45 – 60 per person depending on if you order alcohol

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  • Journal/drink your coffee/read a good book.
  • 9:45-10:45 am Slow Flow @ Peg City Yoga

They describe it as soft stretching and opening up the body. In my opinion, this totally would put you in the right mindset for a day like this.

Cost: $10 for an intro drop in, $15 for a regular drop in

Since it’s not far and you are probably starving, go check out their selection of food and treat yourself to whatever you are in the mood for. It’s like a local food court, which is pretty awesome.

Cost: $15-20 depending on where you go

  • Rent a kayak / rent skates / walk or run along the riverwalk / rent a bike / check out the shops (depending on the season)

No matter the season, this is arguably the most active place in Winnipeg. Also, if it sucks outside and you don’t have the right clothes to brave the elements… The Forks Trading Company is hands down the best place in Winnipeg to shop for Canadian made giftware and goodies.

Cost: under $10 to rent skates or a regular bike for an hour, up to $18 to rent a canoe for an hour. Depends on the activity, but should be under $20.

  • Stop for a snack or coffee at Forth

Cost: $10-15

People write off the planetarium, but let me tell you, nothing reminds you of how tiny you are in the universe quite like learning about space.

Cost: $12

All levels. Lots of breath work and fluid movement.

Cost: $5 to drop in – for a good cause!

If you are in the mood for tacos go here — it’s hard to find places that are open on Sundays, so I recommend basically picking a restaurant in an area of the city you haven’t explored yet.


Friday night

Cost: first class is free, but otherwise a drop in is $20

This class has a live DJ — who says you aren’t turning up on a Friday? Grab the light hand weights, your arms are probably going to already be tired.

Cost: First class free with code “SAIKEL” or drop in for $18. Shoe rental is $2.

  • 8:00-8:30pm – Shower and get un-sweaty (I guess this is optional…?)
  • Get some post-workout pizza & beer @ Carbone Coal Fired Pizza

If you don’t wanna shower, you can definitely just go to Boston Pizza and sit in a booth at the back where no one will recognize you and hide behind your fishbowl (they don’t judge).

If you don’t mind showering, there’s also a Carbone Coal Fired Pizza only five minutes away from Saikel (1580 Taylor Ave #60). Also, no drinking and driving please and thanks!

Cost: About $30-40 w/ tip depending on how hungry you are


EAT EARLY AND EAT LIGHT. You will need this fuel.

Cost: Their light fare menu is under $10, so let’s say $15-20 with a drink and tip

If you’ve used a TRX before you should be fine, but be forewarned that this workout is intense since this class since it’s intermediate to advanced.

Cost: $24 for a drop in

It’ll be tight, but if you can make it on time, this one is bootcamp inspired barre w/ a yoga warm up.

Cost: $17 for a drop in

  • 11:45-12:35pm Rhythm and resistance class @ WPG Cycle

Just go here. F’real. Just do it.

Cost: $20 for a drop in

Try one of their new burger bowls (don’t forget the side of fries…for fuel?).

Cost: $25-30 per person

I can’t give you a time because for some reason they don’t offer a schedule on the website, but it’s only 30 minutes. If you’d rather go to an OG spot, hit up Pan Am Boxing Club (aka the heavyweight holder of the hardest workout in Winnipeg title).

Cost: Free for your first class. The schedule shows up when you put your information in.

Fair warning: if you sleep there’s a high chance you’re gonna wake up feeling like you got hit by a truck, so it’s good to keep moving.

  • Get cleaned up, go for wine & pasta @ Harth

Carb city up in here.

Cost: $40-70 per person, depending how hungry you are

  • 9:30-10:30am bootcamp @ Aurea Fitness

Located inside Elite (91 Lowson Cres.) this is going to be your big workout of the day, so leave it all here. Ran by Johanna Seier, this one is all about girlpower and givin’ er.

Cost: $18

Featured on You Gotta Eat Here, this spot is all about comfort food. Luckily today isn’t a day of high impact sports so you can eat something heavier if you like.

Cost: $20-30 per person

The only legit rock climbing place in Winnipeg. It’s super fun and surprisingly tiring. I promise you won’t be able to hold a pencil tomorrow.

Cost: $18 for a day pass and a harness. I would also recommend getting climbing shoes…

I always talk about this place because I wish we had more places like it in Winnipeg. They also have really tasty acai bowls.

Cost: around $8-14

Don’t be fooled — jumping on a trampoline is actually super tiring. I would suggest the 30 minute jump, but if you are feeling playful go for the whole thing.

Cost: $13 for 30 minutes and $17 for an hour

  • Dinner / relax / take an epsom salt bath / stretch

Listen to your body and have fun!!


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