Welcome to the new RaegJules.com

A welcome post is hard to write, because it’s supposed to “set the tone” for the whole blog.

Remember that episode of Sex and the City (SITC) where Carrie got her first book deal and the publisher told her she had to write an introduction that spelled out the takeaway from the book?

Is she hopeful or bitter? Does she still believe in true love after everything she’s been through? WILL SHE FIND THE ONE?

Ok if you don’t watch SITC that moment might be lost on you, but same concept.

The moral of the story is, Carrie chose to make the book hopeful — because why not? Don’t we have enough cynicism in the world?

I think that’s basically what I’ve figured out since entering full-blown adulthood:

There’s a lot of shit that can ruin you, and make you bitter, but you have to choose (and keep choosing) to see the good and stay grateful.

Maybe I should properly introduce myself. Seems like a good time, ya?

My name is Raegan and my middle name is Julia (hence Jules). My favourite character in the movie Pulp Fiction is also Jules.


I graduated from college/university a little over a year ago and I have a degree in Creative Communications that took me five years to finish. I moved into my first apartment 6 months ago, and it’s a sweaty, cheap, one-bedroom on the third floor of a sketchy building downtown and I wouldn’t trade it for anything (Rule: I’m the only person who’s allowed to talk smack about my shitty apartment).

I work as a ‘communications specialist’ which basically means I do glamorous stuff like call reporters and send a lot of emails and do a lot of writing. I’m like a less sexy version of a publicist (i.e. I write about trains and lawyers).

I’m known to enjoy a glass of cheap white wine, Beyoncé, a good magazine/book, a quiet gallery, and the odd Youtube video (Youtube > Netflix imho). I’m always looking to try something new.

Come visit weekly for all the post-grad reflections, Manitoba food/fun/adventure recommendations, relatable stories, and good ol’ listicles. My hope is that maybe you write me some colourful hate mail I can screenshot and put on my Twitter.

Just kidding. Please don’t do that.

Just like life, I’ll figure it out as I go.


— RJ

NOTE: This absolutely isn’t a fashion blog. I can’t dress myself. Let’s get serious.

2 thoughts on “Welcome to the new RaegJules.com

  1. I can’t wait for your youthful insight, reflections and ideas that make up who you are! I enjoy your charismatic, hopeful energy that you are approaching this blog. So proud of you and I know Auntie Jan is your #1 supporter!

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