5 awesome healthy restaurants in Winnipeg

Coming off Le Burger Week? Tried all the deep fried things at Manyfest? I’m with ya…I started my Saturday with a Pumpkin Pie doughnut from Oh Doughnuts then helped my pal Lucy judge the ManyFest food truck wars and I was so full by 4PM I felt like you could have put me in a wheelbarrow and rolled me out of there.

Regardless of the amount of hamburgers you’ve eaten in the last seven days, this is a great list for you to check out.

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We're delighted to reunite you with a fav from last year: pumpkin pie cheesecake. Filled with a pumpkin pie cream cheese and topped with vanilla glaze, caramel and house made ginger snaps. It'll be in rotation until November! Tomorrow's menu (subject to change): Pumpkin pie cheesecake (specialty) Orange creamsicle Everything bagel (specialty) Lemon meringue (specialty) Imperial cookie Boston cream Blueberry glaze Crunchie bar Vanilla sprinkles Pecan toffee crunch (specialty) Lemon poppyseed Chocolate dip Chai glaze Rum & coke (specialty) Maple walnut Peanut butter cookies n cream Doughnut ice cream sandwiches (not avail on Skip) CrOHnuts (avail after 10am, not avail on Skip) Vegan coconut cream Vegan raspberry vanilla Vegan cinnamon sugar Vegan rootbeer glaze Vegan mojito (specialty) Gluten friendly blueberry cake w/ lemon glaze . . . . #ohdoughnuts #winnipeg #finditdowntown #tastingwinnipeg #fortheloveofdoughnuts #wpgeats #wpgnow #pegcitygrub #supportlocal #exploremb #travelmanitoba

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My idea of “healthy” sort of vaguely centres around veg-focused, whole-foods based dishes with zero deep frying and lots of colour. I’ve also thrown in a few of my fave dishes on this list as well, because well, recommendations!

Beet Happening

Menu available here: https://beethappening.ca

Top pics: weekly lunch special (check it), gluten free oatmeal w/ toppings, The Beet Happening salad, vegan pizzettes

Worth the trip to Health Sciences Centre, MAKE SURE TO GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to try this place. Their philosophy is so simple, I wish I could have it tattooed on me (Good Food is Good). I’ve also seen some of their salads and things available in take-out fridges around town, but go visit this modern lunch counter in person for best selection.

Stella’s (Any location)

Menu available here: http://stellas.ca/menu/

Top pics: Arugula salad w/ soup, Garden Burg (super filling on it’s own, don’t even bother with sides), Pad Thai (with chicken), the Grand Veg Breakfast.

When I did #Whole30Hell in January 2017 I was so happy for Stella’s because I felt like they could actually offer some delish options. You can swap out white rice for brown rice in all their dishes, and the servers know their shit when it comes to how stuff is cooked and what’s in the dishes. One thing to watch for: their portion sizes are pretty huge, so don’t hesitate to ask for a take out container when you get your food (yes, it sounds weird, but as someone who overeats this can be a lifesaver).

Boon Burger

Menu available here: http://boonburger.ca/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/BoonMenu-Tiered-Fall2016-Final.pdf

Top pics: Kale & Arguala salad, Vegan Caesar salad with Buddha patty, literally any burger

Ok I know you’re sick of burgers, but they actually have really really amazing vegan salads and if you top it with a veg patty it is super savory. If you haven’t been here and you live in Winnipeg, what the hell are you waiting for??This place is just so damn good and so filling…shout out to pulses for doing your job and being so full of fibre.

Sushi (your fave spot)

Top pics: Sashshimi, avo roll, tuna roll, salmon avo roll – all with brown rice

WAIT — WHAT? Sushi can actually be pretty damn healthy if you don’t eat all that white rice and tempura krap. Even miso soup is super high in sodium. If you choose carefully, it’s a super high source of protein with minimal junk, however, be forewarned about eating too much seafood (mercury poisoning and all).

Green Carrot

Menu available here: http://www.greencarrotjuice.com/menu.html

Top pics: Acai Berry Bowl, vegan sandwich & best green smoothie ever, Morning Greens juice

The one summer I worked on York for the MB Government there’s nothing I would enjoy more than the 20 minute walk to Green Carrot in Osborne Village for a sandwich and a juice (later upgraded to a smoothie because the lone sandwich is not really enough food).  Allthough I will say that Verde Juice Co. does trump them in the acai bowl department, I still lean toward Green Carrot because of the convenient locations and selection of good grab and go snacks — be sure to check the sugar content though, some of them are just packaged health junk food.

One precaution: just a juice on it’s own isn’t really a well balanced meal. If it has a lot of fruit it will spike your blood sugar and you’ll likely crash later, depending how sugar sensitive you are. Something to keep in mind.

Honourable mention: FRESHII

Menu available here: https://www.freshii.com/ca/menu

Top pics: Buddha Satay Bowl, Tex Mex Burrito, Metaboost Salad

I know I know — it’s a chain. But it’s probably my favourite chain when it comes to getting a meal that’s not full of sneaky fat/sugar. The sodium on a few items is somewhat high though, so be sure to check the nutrition facts b4 you buy.

Also, it’s less sad than Subway! P.s. their falafel sucks.

Eat your veggies and pop some pepto — you’ve got a brand new week of pumpkin spice ahead of you.







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