All the best Fall stuff Winnipeg has to offer

I won’t even bother writing some lame pre-amble you won’t read about leaves, scarves and boots.

I know all you basic bitches came here for fall activities in Winnipeg you can Instagram to make all your pals pumpkin-spice jealous.


  • Pumpkin cheesecake or caramel apple doughnuts from Oh Doughnuts — drooooool

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Here's a glimpse of our newest flavour for Fall, caramel apple: apple pie filling, caramel glaze, oat crumble and caramel drizzle. We're open until 7pm (OR SOLD OUT 😬) Today's menu: Caramel apple (pictured) Ube (specialty SOLD OUT) Coffee crisp (also @thombargen @parlourcoffee @forth_wpg @fhcoffee_ Broadway @parklinecoffee @foliocafe ) Everything bagel (specialty) Ginger-lime curd (specialty) Pumpkin pie cheesecake (specialty) Blueberry glaze Rootbeer glaze Wasabi glaze w/ Panko sesame seeds & ginger glaze (specialty) Vanilla sprinkles Glazed Lemon lavender Double chocolate caramel Earl grey glaze White chocolate cardamom w/ pistachios (specialty) Doughnut ice cream sandwiches CrOHnuts Vegan chocolate cream w/ mint sugar Vegan raspberry vanilla (also @thombargen @fhcoffee_ Broadway @foliocafe @parlourcoffee @parklinecoffee @forth_wpg ) Vegan maple bakon (specialty) Vegan chocolate coconut Vegan cookies n' cream (SOLD OUT) Gluten friendly carrot cake w/ cream cheese icing . . . . #ohdoughnuts #winnipeg #finditdowntown #tastingwinnipeg #fortheloveofdoughnuts #pegcitygrub #wpgeats #weheartwpg #travelmanitoba #exploremb

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  • If you never bothered to hit up an outdoor market in the summer, make a point of stopping by the Downtown Winnipeg Farmers Market at the Manitoba Hydro building — fall is *~harvest szn~* after all. When I have the cash, I go to stock up on flowers, fresh bread and Flora and Farmer spreads.
  • Rumour has it pumpkin flavoured carbs are hitting the shelves at Sleepy Owl Bread on Sept. 27. Sleepy Owl is hands down my favourite bakery in Winnipeg (their bread is out of this world), and you can find them at 751 Wall Street, right down the street from Barn Hammer Brewing.
  • Since Dining With Donald did such a great job listing out literally every Fall supper Winnipeg has to offer — I’ll send you his way. Community suppers are such a great way to get an awesome Ukrainian feast without all the work and perogy filling…
  • On Oct. 18, six restaurants in Winnipeg (and 84 other restaurants across Canada) are donating the proceeds from their dinner service to support community food programs as part of Restaurants for Change. You can see the restaurants involved here, and reserve your spot. Not technically Fall-related, but it happens during Fall and it’s for a good cause.
  • According to the Manitoba Liquor Mart on Twitter, pumpkin beer is supposed to hit the shelves in Manitoba on Oct. 10, 2017.
  • Lastly, pumpkin soft serve from my faves over at Sargent Sundae


  • You have zero excuses to NOT go to Nuit Blanche on Sept. 30. It’s free, it’s fun and it’s walkable/bikeable. Grab your friends, check out the website, pick some installations you want to see in advance and GO.

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PEG is an Emerging Voices, Open Call project by Meighan Giesbrecht and Tia Watson. 1. Take a Peg
 2. Make a Trade
 3. Leave Your Mark
 4. Keep Your Memory PEG is an interactive art piece that allows those who discover it to both, alter its appearance, as well as keep a small portion of the installation as a souvenir. Visitors will be presented with a map of Winnipeg, where they can remove a small peg from a location that resonates with them. Upon removal of this peg, the piece will become illuminated with light, and invite the visitor to leave behind a memory. Each peg is designed to fit on a key chain, and becomes a small momentum to provide a memory of the evening. Emerging Voices, Open Call project funded by @winnipegartscouncil #nbwpg #nbwpg2017 #Winnipeg #Manitoba #nuitblanchewinnipeg #winnipegartscouncil #WAC

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  • Fort Whyte Alive has some of best fall programming and I feel like it’s WILDLY overlooked. A few event pics off the Fall 2017 list include: Sunset Goose Flights, Bison Safari and Cabin Yoga.

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FortWhyte Alive's annual fall tradition–Goose Flight Season–is upon us! We’ll be open until dusk, Wednesday to Sunday, starting on Wednesday, September 20. Reservations are now open for Goose Flight Feasts at the Buffalo Stone Cafe. Enjoy lakeside views of the setting sun and thousands of migrating geese, complemented by 3-course dinner artfully prepared by Diversity Foods. We’ve got two rotating menus – details and booking available on our website at Or, join us for BBQ concessions, a nightly bonfire (complete with Bannock Bar!) and a presentation on the goose migration at our Interpretive Centre. We’re offering reduced admission ($5 after 5pm). New this year, we’ll have live entertainment on Friday nights, September 29 & October 13. Migration season at FortWhyte Alive is generously sponsored by our longtime friends, Cambrian Credit Union! Photo by @igstahgram.

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  • Every rebellious (drunk) suburban teenager’s favourite activity in the Fall: corn mazes and haunted houses! A Maze In Corn is a classic destination, or Six Pines if you are into something more “scary.”
  • Go to a pumpkin patch. Buy a pumpkin. Do a craft. Carve it. Eat it. Whatever.
  • Layer up and go for a fall hike — no bugs, no sunburns and crisp cool air. Arguably the best time of the year to finally go do that hike you told yourself you’d do all summer then drank on a bunch of patios in the city instead.

My all-time fave MB hikes include…

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Scaled some rocks in November. Not complaining.

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  • Also not specific to Fall, but I’m really looking forward to the WAG‘s largest ever exhibition of contemporary Indigenous art: INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE. Opens Friday, Sept. 22 at 7PM.
  • Get some bikes, get some friends and plan a Winnipeg microbrewery crawl. FINALLY Winnipeg actually has enough taprooms and brewpubs to do this. Please wear a helmet and bike responsibly…or opt for a Winnipeg Tasting Tour instead.

Ok I could ramble on and on but basically there’s SO👏MUCH👏TO👏DO. So get out there and do it — fall is short in Winnipeg.


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